Nursing Home Victims Are Not All Elderly


Jeffrey Sanderson was a 36 year old nursing home victim that our firm represented.

Jeffrey Sanderson was a 36 year old nursing home victim that our firm represented.


“Nursing home abuse” usually conjures up images of a frail senior citizen as a victim. However, there are many victims who are much younger. There are those who require around the clock assistance because of profound disability. Take, for instance, Stritmatter Kessler client Jeffrey Sanderson.

Jeffrey was in his 30s when his family came to our firm to represent them in a lawsuit against a local skilled nursing facility in Bremerton, Washington. Severely brain injured, Jeffrey’s family had though that the facility was the best place for him. But things didn’t look right when Jeffrey put on 80 pounds within several months of moving in. The facility characterized its abuse of Jeffrey as minimal, refusing to take any responsibility for his injuries and large weight gain.

Upon discovery, what our nursing home abuse attorneys found was that the Evergreen staff had patently disregarded Jeffrey’s condition of polyphagia, endangering him to eat large quantities too fast. The skilled facility’s staff also had failed to bathe him and provide proper hygienic care. When confronted with their neglect/abuse, they admitted that they lacked adequate staffing.

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