Graceful aging after a catastrophic accident: Lan Remme persists

My parents are in their early 70’s. They hike up mountains, golf daily, walk for hours, garden, and travel constantly. Sometimes, I get tired just hearing what they’re up to. But I’m pleased that they’re healthy and so physically capable. But it is more difficult to age in a healthful manner for some over 65 years old–particularly those who have sustained catastrophic injuries.

Remme Photo by Ruby

Lan Remme with wife Laura working on a yoga pose. (Photo credit: KUOW/Ruby De Luna)

A local NPR reporter for KUOW, Ruby De Luna, examines the aging population with disabilities in “Aging With Grace For Boomers With Disabilities.”  Ms. De Luna’s story centers on Lan Remme, a recent bicycle injury client that Stritmatter Kessler Whelan attorneys represented.  Keith Kessler, one of the SKW lawyers on Remme’s team comments, “Lan is one of those who has handled such adversity with grace and wisdom.”

His grace and wisdom will help and so will his optimism. Ms. De Luna  reveals how people with physical disabilities, such as 67 year old Lan, face greater obstacles in aging gracefully.

A University of Washington study takes a closer look at this segment of our population with the goal of assisting them to lead healthy lifestyles. After SKW bike injury client Lan Remme hit his bicycle wheel against a defective sidewalk on the Montlake Bridge, he lost use of his legs and must now use a wheelchair to get around.

In Ms. De Luna’s interview, Lan explains that he would love to maintain his independence, despite his physical limitations. He tells Ruby,“Anytime that I can head out someplace or do something on my own without relying on someone, it’s a huge boost of independence.  But, he explains, “The thing about being in a wheelchair is that it makes you a person 50 times more dependent on others than you would be normally.”

Remme is not going to let his disability get in the way of aging gracefully. He was physically active (cycled in many events in the years and months before his tragic accident) before he was wheelchair bound. Now, he will just work that much harder to stay physically fit. Laura Remme, Lan’s wife, is a model partner in helping him navigate the rough waters. He’s starting yoga and who knows what else he will tackle in the coming years.  We salute Lan Remme for his fortitude and determination.

Listen to Ruby De Luna’s story and interview of Lan Remme.

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